Month: March 2014

Friday, March 7

Reception, Rm 7318

LandSlide Round Table, Rm 7320

Coffee Break, Rm 7318

Performance Art, Rm 7320

  • Lowell Gasoi – “Impiety and Live Dissent in a Mediated World”
  • Paromita Kar – “Knickers, Fishnets and Punk Rock – An Intimate Enthography of Toronto’s Cancan Revival”
  • Katherine Paige Calvin – “I built this because I can: Wangechi Mutu and Performing Intersectionality”

Sampling as Productive, Rm 7401

  • Brett Potter – “‘Appropriation’ to a ‘Culture of Use’: Re-thinking Creativity and Narrative through Bourriaud’s Postproduction”
  • Gillian Pistell – “Ray Johnson’s Collaged Histories.”
  • Ben Harrison – “The Epistemological Orientation of Hip-Hop in the mid-1980’s”

Media Art, Rm 7320

  • Robert Luzar – “Subtractions of Vital Presence”
  • Spencer Stuart – “Guilt by Association?: Changing Conceptions of Digital Technologies and Their Relations to Speculative Realism in the ‘Post-Crtical’ Age”
  • Matthew Jarvis Wall – “Technologies of Play: The Ludification of Culture”

Spatial Activism, Rm 7315

  • Aria Spinelli – “The Occupy Effect of Art: Redefining the Notion of the Political in Art Practice”
  • Natalia Dmushowska – “The Art of Jaywalking: A Contemporary Approach to Interaction, Ownership and Creation in Public Space”
  • Laura Mahlstein – “Recombinant Dispositif: Assemblage and the Mise-en-Scene of Complex Exhibition Projects since the 1990s”

Lunch, Rm 7315

Nicholas Bell, Rm 7320

Subaltern Sampling, Rm 7320

  • Jerina Hajno – “Carbon into Diamond: Subaltern Aesthetics and Enfolded Relations in Otolith II and Letters from Sibera”
  • Matt Ossias – “Syndromes and a Century: Deleuze and Jameson in the Post-Contempoary Art Cinematheque”
  • Carmen Victor – “Die Antwoord: (De)facing Identities”

Identity, Rm 7301

  • Cindy Kim – “Asian Fetish, White Fetish”
  • Ella Cooper – “Body Land Identity: Reclaiming the Black Female Nude through Multiracial Feminist Art Inquiry and a National Participatory Arts Based Exploration of Black Female Identity in the Canadian Landscape”
  • Robert Dayton – “The Canadian Romantic: Sex Magick Canada”


Between Making and Market, Rm 7320

  • Alison Snowball – “Immaterealities of Dematerialization in Contemporary Art and Finance”
  • JP King – “Assembling Everyday Knowledge: Relational Publishing in Erick Beltran’s The World Explained: A Microhistorical Encyclopedia”
  • Martin Budny – “Desired States of Being”

Creators Round Table, Rm 7320